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England's White Dragon
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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The BBC vs England

The BBC vs. The London Times and English People

Just over 10,000 people have co-signed our letter to the BBC complaining about their ludicrous decision to stop describing electoral reform as "electoral reform."

Will you be the one to help us hit 15,000?

Add your name to our letter now:


This is one of those crucial moments in a campaign - one that could have ramifications right on through up to polling day.

Protecting their interests first as always, the old guard are bullying the BBC into using misleading and inappropriate language to describe the choice ahead of voters on 5 May.

If they get away with it, this won't be an honest debate. Nor will it be a fair fight.

Co-sign our letter to the BBC now, and get five friends to do the same:

A Time to put English voters first, if you have never supported your country then now is the time to start doing so?


Thank you,

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