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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Peace......The London Times always listens to boths sides

PEACE "Protesters go on the march in Bahrain":

For more information please go to www.peacebahrain.com

We really need the foreign media to understand that there are many things that have been ochestrated and not genuine. They need to know that our government is democratic and it is because we have freedom of speech that they are able to voice their demands in public.

These people are insulting the intelligence of the media and creating mayhem in our beautiful small island. There are so many peole from all walks of life living and working here in harmony and it is a shame that we have been forced to expereicne this. It is bad reporting as far as we are concernd.

Infact we have had reports that many expatriates have been threatened by these same "peaceful protestors". We all have freedom of speech and yet they can do this? These people are a fact of Hizbollah in Bahrain and they will soon revela their true colours to you. They were armed and of our security men had serious injuries after being attacked by these "peaceful" people.

The story you have posted on Amnesty about ABDALLAH SALMAN MOHAMMED HASSAN is completely UNTRUE. I believe that Amnesty should take the time to contact the authorities to clarify.

We need all the nationalites in our country - we live and work together with people of all race religions and our country is rich in culture because of this - we are known for our tolerance and visionary thinking. We have built the country together and with these type of incidents, our peole are affected and our business and livelihoods - how is this helping anyone? People are thinking of leaving Bahrain and international events are being re-looked at - this is a huge blow to our economy and. Why does no-one think of this?

All we want is for the foreign media to listen to the other side - they have refused to give a voice to the other side and this is not fair.

Thanks and we hope that you will support us with this.

Peace Bahrain

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  1. I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.