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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thorpe Park and the exorcist

Thorpe Park in Stains has moved its new ride, The Storm Surge, after reports of ghosts, paranormal activity

A ghoulish ghost has put the scare into a Stains amusement park, which is moving one of its rides over fears of a headless monk.

Thorpe Park in Surrey will relocate the Storm Surge, a new water slide that was in the midst of construction, after reports of paranormal activity by several staff members involved in the project.

The claims ranged from objects moving on their own to the spectral form of a monk with no head strolling through the construction site.

The water ride, which was to consist of a 64-foot slide, was to be built near the Monk's Walk, a path that linked two nearby sites, Chertsey Abbey and Thorpe Church. Stone coffins were previously found and removed from the location.

Jim Arnold, a medium, investigated the site in November before work began and claimed to have detected a lot of paranormal activity. According to his website, Southwest London Paranormal, his team of more than a dozen investigators claimed to have experienced a number of bizarre occurrences, such as mysterious sounds and lights.

They also claimed that using a Ouija board, they contacted at least four spirits, and several mediums in the group allegedly felt the presence of multiple ghosts, including a teenage boy, a small girl and a man.

"The results were so strong we felt the only explanation could be that an ancient burial ground or settlement was being disturbed, prompting the extra paranormal activity,”

Forensic experts will use scientific tools such as deep ground radar to investigate the site for any further signs of burial remains in the dirt.

"We have picked up signatures similar to that of a burial ground," geophysicist Peter Masters said, indicating the area could be of archaeological importance.

The English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather who also happens to be the Archbishop of the free reformed Church of England, said that the church has not been involved or approached by Thorp Park in regards to these matters, The church will now be looking into the reports of graves being removed he said.

Sir Michael has in the past performed three exorcisms although it’s not a topic any of the religions like to talk openly about; Sir Michael had no comments when asked about the pervious exorcisms he had performed.

We do know that two were held here in England and the third was in South America but have been unable to speak all to those concerned, and those that we did find, they wouldn’t speak to us over the exorcisms.

Sir Michael went on to say; In Christianity, exorcisms are ostensibly performed in the name of Jesus Christ or through prayer calling on Michael the Archangel.
In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the church, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers, and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc. The exorcist often invokes God, Jesus and/or several different angels and archangels to intervene with the exorcism.
In general, possessed persons are not regarded as evil in themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions. Therefore, practitioners regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. The mainstream rituals usually take this into account, making sure that there is no violence to the possessed, only that they be tied down if there is potential for violence or self-harm, the scientific view is that,
Demonic possession is not a valid psychiatric or medical diagnosis recognized by either the DSM-IV or the ICD-10. Those who profess a belief in demonic possession have sometimes ascribed the symptoms associated with mental illnesses, such as hysteria, mania, psychosis, Tourette's syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, to possession. In cases of dissociative identity disorder in which the alter personality is questioned as to its identity, 29% are reported to identify themselves as demons. Additionally, there is a form of monomania called demon mania or demonolatry in which the patient believes that he or she is possessed by one or more demons so grate care must be taken and advice from a doctor or have a doctor present in the exorcism.
Some of course will say that the illusion that exorcism works on people experiencing symptoms of possession is attributed by some to placebo effect and the power of suggestion. Some supposedly possessed persons are actually narcissists or are suffering from low self-esteem and act like a "demon possessed person" in order to gain attention this is why a doctor is needed to rule these out.
I have studied psychiatrist M. Scott Peck who researched exorcisms and claimed to have conducted two himself but I have no proof of this claim. He concluded that the Christian concept of possession was a genuine phenomenon. He derived diagnostic criteria somewhat differently from those used by the Roman Catholic Church. He also claimed to see differences in exorcism procedures and progression. After his experiences, and in an attempt to get his research validated, he attempted but failed to get the psychiatric community to add the definition of "Evil" to the DSM-IV. Although Peck's earlier work was met with widespread popular acceptance, his work on the topics of evil and possession generated significant debate and derision. Much was made of his association with (and admiration for) the controversial Malachi Martin, a Roman Catholic priest and a former Jesuit, despite the fact that Peck consistently called Martin a liar and manipulator. Other criticisms leveled against Peck included misdiagnoses based upon a lack of knowledge regarding dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder), and claims that he had transgressed the boundaries of professional ethics by attempting to persuade his patients into accepting Christianity, in my thirty five years of theological study and study of psychotherapy of course you will get different opinions from both sides but what I will say? Don’t discount that there is on this earth evil as you see it each day and many things in the scientific view just don’t make 2+2 = 4 of course all people are free to their own beliefs.  

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