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Sunday, 13 February 2011

David Cameron talking in Double Dutch

Prime Minister David Cameron, now talking in Double Dutch? As he defends his Big Society policy

David Cameron has rejected Sir Michael Black-Feather’s accusations that his Big Society policy is simply a mask for British government spending cuts and it’s about time that the British government put a full stop on all foreign aid, and put that aid back into the country that is paying it, because that county England needs the aid and when we have our own problems sorted out we will be in a far stronger position to help others, as currently half the aid England gives never actually gets to the people where it’s meant to be going.

The Prime Minister Mr Cameron said his initiative to give a greater role for community and voluntary groups was intended to change the way the country was run Sir Michael said yes run into the ground like all British government had done.

He accepted that such organisations might need help in the face of government cuts.

Charity leader Dame Elisabeth Hoodless has said the cuts attacked volunteering and the whole concept of Big Society, and fully agreed with Sir Michael’s remakes to Mr Cameron in that not only would volunteers be effected but many charities that help the most disadvantage,

Mr Cameron said: "Building a stronger, bigger society is something we should try and do whether spending is going up or down, Sir Michael said, David should wake up and look out of the window, you can’t build anything stronger without spending and investing, and cuts in, investing in a country people is not the ways forward but backwards, cuts in what money is spent on, like these silly signs we see, so and so is twined with so and so? Who cares, know one, but those signs cost 1000s of pounds cash spent on euro MP’s which cost us millions of pound each year? For what? Nothing, yes I fully agree with David we need to cut back on spending but spending cash on rubbish not investment in the people Sir Michael who was recently turn down for the post as senior cabinet advisor said.

The whole approach of building a bigger, stronger, more active society involves something of a revolt against the top down, statist approach of recent years”

Sir Michael said that Mr Cameron said billions of pounds of government contacts would be opened up to bids from groups within society, on one had he telling us there is no cash and we need cuts, now on the other hand he’s telling us that £Billions of pounds will be up in contracts, and we all know just how that works, contracts for friend of friends, and I’ll give you a very good example without mentioning any names? who made the Army’s first SA80 riffle that had millions spent on it, and it didn’t do the job it didn’t work, but rather than getting that company to paying back the millions it had received, No they gave it more millions to make a new one the current SA80-2 that did do the job but only sort off? For the one that should have done in the first place?

Cameron speech writers spin with big words that I don’t think David understands "The scale of this opportunity dwarfs anything they've ever had before," he said.

Mr Cameron said the government would announce details in the coming week of a £100m transition fund to help groups at a time when local councils were seeing their budgets cut.

There will also be a Big Society bank to inject £200m of working capital for projects approved under the scheme.

Cameron said: "We are not naively hoping the seeds will grow everywhere of their own accord; we are helping to nurture them.

"That's why we will soon be announcing the partners who will help us deliver our commitment to provide 5,000 community organisers in the areas where they are needed most."

Rejecting the notion that the Big Society was too vague, Mr Cameron said: "True, it doesn't follow some grand plan or central design.

"But that's because the whole approach of building a bigger, stronger, more active society involves something of a revolt against the top down, statist approach of recent years.

"The Big Society is about changing the way our country is run. That's why the Big Society is here to stay." Sir Michael said puzzled, the way our country is run David and which country is that David? England, Scotland, or Wales.

Dame Elisabeth, who is retiring as executive director of the country's largest volunteering charity the Community Service Volunteers (CSV), said "massive" council cuts would make it harder for people to do more in their communities.

Liverpool City Council has already withdrawn as one of four pilot areas for the Big Society plans.

Council leader Joe Anderson said government cuts had threatened the future of many local volunteer groups.

At Prime Minister's Questions this week, Labour leader Ed Miliband said the government's cuts were making society "smaller and weaker" and I fully agree with Sir Michael’s statements that Cameron should wake up, and take a good look out of the window.

Mr Miliband continued his assault on the Big Society in the Independent on Sunday, saying the government was undermining the concept's foundations with billions of pounds of cuts.

He suggested the current administration's substance and style resembled that of Margaret Thatcher's in the early 1980s.

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