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England's White Dragon
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Friday, 25 February 2011

How did England become such a mess?

By becoming part of the EU which cost this country millions, by giving millions away in foreign aid when we need this aid ourselves, and by being mismanaged by the British governments, this is how England has now been brought-down on her knees and soon will have the begging blow out looking for aid if we continue as we are?

Charity begins at home first?

Today Torbay planes its big street lights switched off to save council £8.5m Mr Bye told The London Times; only a quarter of street lights will remain on.

Street lights will be switched off and CCTV monitored only during busy periods in Torbay after councillors agreed to savings of £8.5m.

Cuts to bus company subsidies and a £1m cut to children's services has also been approved by the council in a meeting earlier this month, with OAP’s and children now having to pay the price for decades of mismanagement by British governments with British MP’s living on the fat of the land taking the shirts off your backs .

Despite some criticisms’ of the mayor's budget, it was narrowly voted in.

Independent mayor Nick Bye said all of the authority's frontline services were being kept.

The savings amount to about 6% of the current council budget.

Leader of the council's Conservative group Gordon Oliver said: "We are disappointed that we didn't win our vote to maintain a CCTV system, and that our support for keeping the street lights on were defeated."

Mr Bye said: "One-in-four street lights will remain on between 0000 GMT and 0500 GMT in the residential areas".

"Our main town centres, principal highways - the street lights will stay on right the way through," he added.

The Conservative group had wanted the council to spend some of the authority's £4.5m reserves and minimise the cuts.

Mr Bye said it was "not sustainable to go into reserves".

"We are not hitting the reserves and the need for them will be greater as the years go by," he added.

The council, which has a Conservative majority, is facing a 28% reduction in its government grant over the next four years.

Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Darling said he had "grave concerns" about the £320k cuts to bus company subsides and the £1m cut to children's services.


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