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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sussex Estate Agent loses £24 million in property deal over discrimination

A Sussex estate agent Michael Jones & Co lost out on a £24 million property deal with a trustee’s fund, which buys homes and then rents them out to disabled ex services personal and ex-servicemen families on low incomes. The trustees of the order of St Michael’s and St Georges Knight’s (KCMG) buy many properties through its non-profit making trust funds and rent to those servicemen and women that would be homeless because of low incomes or being disabled.

Jones & Co lost the three year deal to buy homes for the trust along with the property management that is said to have been worth another £2.7 million per year managing the trust's 1,700 plus properties across England, plus the £24 million deal to add further properties to its portfolio over the next three years.

Inside sources said that the £24 million plus deal was taken away from Jones & Co after one of the trust's very high ranking members on a fact-find tried to rent a property through Jones & Co lettings, and was told that they didn’t fulfil their credit score criteria and was turned away - despite having available excellent references from previous letting agencies, landlords and banking references. It was their low income and being disabled that Michael Jones & Co.’s credit score criteria discriminated against them. All the trust members KCMG’s give whatever wealth they have to the trust, and live on what they need only to make ends meet, with low incomes; a very meek and humble life.

It’s the orders belief, if you have been blessed by God with good fortunes you should pass those good fortunes on to others who are less fortunate

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