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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cameron will despatch "Shameless squads" across England

DAVID Cameron will despatch "Shameless squads" across the UK from today to target layabout problem families.

As the jewel in the PM's new assault on Broken Britain, the teams will pinpoint the estimated 120,000 failed households.

The "trouble shooter squads" will co-ordinate services such as police patrols and job centres on the lazy. Families will be given their own action plans and will face tough penalties if they don't co-operate.

Feckless parents without jobs and their crime wave kids — lampooned in Channel 4 TV series Shameless — each cost taxpayers £75,000 a year, totalling £9billion.

Launching his new blueprint, Mr Cameron will insist the hard core of problem families can be turned around. The PM will say in a speech today: "My mission in politics is fixing the responsibility deficit, building a stronger society, in which more people understand their obligations, and more take control over their own lives. I am an optimist about human nature. I don't believe in writing people off."

The action plan is the PM's set-piece response to the August riots.

The squads will be appointed by local councils but will report back to a new Troubled Families Unit in Whitehall, headed up by former victims' tsar Louise Casey.

Charities and firms will also be offered bounties if they cure problem families.

Mr Cameron will add that he hates the idea of paying "ever larger amounts in welfare" without the recipients ever changing their lives

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