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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Five days left to try and save the doomed euro

Five days left to try and save the doomed euro
Powerless David Cameron has been side-lined on the eve of a critical five-day battle to save the euro.

German Chancellor Angela Merkela and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are holding crisis talks in Paris tomorrow to push for a “save the euro” deal at a special EU summit in Brussels on Friday which doesn’t include the British government.

Both have ignored David Cameron’s warning that big changes to EU treaties to pave the way for closer financial ties between the Eurozone countries will take too long.
A senior diplomatic source told the London Times: “This is it – make or break time. The next few days will decide the fate of the euro which is doomed.

“Failure could lead to a collapse of the ­financial system even bigger than the one in 2008 and no one knows what that would mean.”

Germany wants a new EU treaty to force the 17 Eurozone nations to sign up to strict rules on tax and spending to slash their huge debts. Only now after the English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather had said some seven years ago, that the only way the euro could work is if all the countries involved in it all had the same tax system and public spending systems in place, basically the euro running as one country when it came to governments spending and taxing, if it had, had these policies in place before its introduction it might have worked, and now it far too late, as the euro is a utter mess and England was saved from the euro because the English public would have never have voted it in, the only way out of this euro mess is if every country in the euro goes back to its own currencies, and they all agree to put the same amounts each year into a savings pot, and use that pot to clear debts.

If Mrs Merkel and Mr Sarkozy reach an ­agreement at tomorrow’s talks, all 27 EU nations will be urged to back Friday’s deal.

Sir Michael said; Any such deal would see the British government powers in the new Union all most none existent with an new euro “two-speed” with Europe once more being dominated by Germany and using France has its side kick, and other countries in the euro being told what and what they can and cannot do, which means in the real word, Germany and France becoming the financial dictators with France being told first by the Germans what do which is part of the shady deal they have done behind the backs of the other counties in the euro, which should lead to the British government wakeup call and finally pull out of the EU otherwise we could see England too being run under German dictatorship something the Germans have tried to do in two world wars?

British Prime Minister David Cameron now also faces a nightmare in England as Tory MPs back up what Sir Michael has said, and step up their calls for a ­referendum on England’s involvement in the EU. Tory sources predicted last night that the Prime Minister could face ministerial resignations if the British government lost any more powers to Brussels.

One said: “The PM has to stand up to the Lib Dems. Now is the time to snatch back powers from Europe, not give them more.”

The warning came after former European Commission president Jacques Delors – one of the key players in the launch of the single ­currency – admitted and supported what Sir Michael had said; the euro was flawed from the start. He said the lack of central powers to co-ordinate economic policies allowed some EU nations to run up unsustainable debts.

Last week, Bank of England governor Mervyn King admitted he had taken Sir Michael’s warning seriously and was making unspecified “contingency plans” in case the Eurozone breaks up

The British Government also now has emergency plans which it refuses to reveal. But are believed to include plans to deal with mess rioting as austerity cuts bite deeper which was another warning of Sir Michael’s, that could only push the people of England so far, before they begin to turn and push back, you can’t make the poor any more poorer before they have nothing more to lose, and many of middle classes soon to be joining the ranks of the poor, when you have lost all hope what else have you to lose he said.

The Treasury is also drawing up plans to avoid a repeat of the 2008 financial meltdown when bank cashpoints came within hours of running out of money. The Financial Services Authority has already ordered Britain’s banks to step up plans for a “disorderly break-up of the euro” many banks in England have already started to cut or stop peoples overdrafts, also not giving out loans or mortgages to those on low and middle incomes.

And Chancellor George Osborne admitted last week that England was teetering on the brink of another recession, Sir Michael said Osborne must have been living in some fantasy world England wasn’t ever out of its recession, what he meant was the recession we are already in is going to get far worse unless the economy gets turned around, and the only way that is going to happen is to start putting hope back into the country, hope of work, of getting a home whether it be a council house or your own home with mortgages people can actually afford that will give them more to spend in the shops, less tax and lower the cost of living and a good start here world be lower the cost of tax on fuel and VAT, building or buying up homes for those on lower incomes to rent more tax and more cut backs are not the answers we need to give the people hope of a future and not doomed and gloom.

Last night, Shadow Treasury ­Minister Chris Leslie also supported the words of Sir Michael and urged Cameron to boost England’s ­economy to help ease the euro crisis.

Mr Leslie warned: “We are dangerously exposed. We have got to recognise that austerity alone is not going to solve our problems.”

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