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England's White Dragon
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

England oil?

England oil?

No, Mr Salmond, some of it’s ENGLAND’s Oil!!

So far Scotland and the Scottish National Party have had it all their own way claiming that North Sea oil is Scottish.

As a lawyer I can tell Alex Salmond that the normal International Conventions for determining the National Territorial Boundaries of the coastal Seabeds between Nations would suggest that up to half of North Sea oil is within English territorial waters, if you apply the geological test, and a quarter if you apply the average of the national land boundary test.

I therefore call upon the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade, Mr Vince Cable, to institute a proper judicial enquiry to establish the boundary without further delay or prevarication.

The English Democrats are the only Party campaigning for English national interests to be properly represented. As part of our campaign, we now call for the respective national ownership of the off-shore territorial seabed, and therefore of the mineral resources, be judicially determined between England and Scotland.

This determination will allow the claims of the Scottish National Party as to Scottish oil to be properly allocated. In the highly probable event of Alex Salmond winning a referendum for independence of Scotland, that there will already be a binding determination at least on this issue out of the many other issues that will need to be resolved between the successor national states after the dissolution of the United Kingdom. This would also be an important step if full fiscal autonomy is to be granted to Scotland, under so called “Devo Max”.

The English Democrats will be organising a demonstration outside the Department of State for Business Innovation and Skills early in the New Year to follow up this call. I would therefore call for volunteers to take part in a demonstration. Would all those interested please email It’sEngland’sOil@EngDem.org?

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