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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cameron getting back on line?

British PM Cameron getting back on line? No dole if you let your children bunk off school British Prime Minister David Cameron vows blitz on feckless families

PARENTS of truants could be stripped of benefits, David Cameron vowed yesterday.

The PM said he aims to crack down on the Shameless-style families who wreak havoc in towns and cities around Britain.

Mr Cameron said mums and dads must make sure their children obey the rules.

He asked: "Is it time that the parents of pupils who continually play truant face even stronger sanctions if they refuse to take responsibility for their children?"

As MPs return from their summer recess today, the PM also pledged to make teachers the boss in the classroom again. He stressed they can "intervene physically to maintain order".

Schools already have the power to ask courts to fine parents whose kids keeping skipping class.

The maximum punishment is a £2,000 fine or even jail.

But many reckless parents ignore the fines, and the law brakes down because judges are reluctant to send them to prison and these judges should be removed from power and judges put into power that will carry out the law, when parents actually see others getting a £2000 fine and being made to pay it, or actually going to prison will change others minds about ignoring the laws.

Mr Cameron said he wants to move faster on plans to target 120,000 "families from hell" who cause misery for local people.

He said: "For too long, Government has not intervened properly for fear of causing offence or because turning them around is hard, painstaking work, "These problem families have been ducked for too long – and we won't be ducking them now."

The PM said he also wants to do more to get people off the dole and back to work.

Ministers have already launched a new Work Programme to find them jobs.

Benefits will also be overhauled to make sure people are always better off in work. But Mr Cameron said: "Given the scale of the problem, can't we go further? Say by asking much more of people on benefits who should be looking for work – or even imposing stricter penalties on those who refuse job offers?"

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