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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


NEWS that hundreds of Tunisian and Libyan migrants have
erected a ramshackle camp just a short walk from the Gare du Nord Eurostar
terminal in Paris will have a chilling effect in Whitehall.

For many Home Office officials it will bring back
uncomfortable memories of the squalid Sangatte camp near Calais a decade ago.

Which was a staging post for hordes of immigrants itching to
slip across the Channel, and became a diplomatic sore between the British and French.

At the height of the Sangatte controversy, asylum
applications hit a record of more than 84,000 a year. Since then claims have
fallen to a quarter of that number.

The worry now is that the unrest across the Arab world is
breeding a new crisis. One that could wreck David Cameron’s hopes of reducing
annual net migration from “the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”.

Sir Michael black-Feather the English first minister said; that
this target is already proving a nightmare for the British UK Border Agency,
and many British ministers are already referring to it as an ambition rather than
a policy as quoted by the Daily Express.

Sir Michael went on to say; As long as England remains in
the EU, there remains the threat of us being forced to accept hundreds and thousands
of so called asylum seekers, and we will eventually be overrun with them, with
all sorts of crimes rising from rape to murders and the English tax payer will
be forced to keep and home them, when our country is already in a complete mess
under British and EU rule, it’s time England pulled out of the EU before the EU
makes England a third world country and bankrupted like the Irish are now.

He went on to say; That the English people have got to open
their eyes and wake up, that England and its people must come first, not asylum
seekers or immigrants and neither the British nor the EU. Asked by the London Times
whether the reports were true of him being offered a command in the ENA
(English National Army) he had no comment to make, also asked was it true that
he had held a command in and was a former member of the S.O.G (Special Operations
Group) and that his name among others (Col. Black-Feather M) was on one of the
leaked document from WikiLeaks he had no comment to make, asked why would England
need its own army he replied why dose any country have an army?.

A decade ago Nicolas Sarkozy, a hard-line French interior
minister, ordered the closure of Sangatte.

British ministers will be hoping that now, as president, he
will be equally decisive in dealing with the ghetto by the Gare du Nord

England under British and EU rule is bracing itself for a
fresh wave of immigrants last night as around now 2,000 North African refugees
set up camps near the Eurostar station in Paris waiting their chance to get
into England the land of milk and honey at the English people expense.

Also Tunisian and Libyan migrants say they will head to
England ­because of a crackdown by French authorities.

The unofficial camps are all a short walk from the Gare du
Nord, from where high-speed trains leave for Kent and London.

(England being main part of an island should be easy to
defend from migrant if the British government has the will and puts its mind to
defending England said Sir Michael, if not then the English people have the
right to defend their own country by whatever means is needed?)  

The news comes as Italy and France moved to tighten European
border controls.

With thousands of migrants fleeing unrest across North
Africa, the countries requested an urgent reform of the Schengen border treaty
which ­allows passport-free travel throughout continental Europe.

Some 26,000 desperate Tunisians have already sought hostage
on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa while the on-going crisis in Libya
could see the number of refugees escaping to Europe soar further. In Paris,
refugees have set up temporary homes in squares surrounding the Eurostar rail

Mohamed Ukere 26 a convicted rapist said almost all are
complaining about harassment from the French authorities, saying that their
hopes of finding accommodation and jobs were next to nil so we will be coming
to England where we can get free homes and money.

We will smuggle ourselves into England, where we can claim
asylum, benefits, homes or just disappear into the black economy and live on
crime he said.

 “Many of us believed
that France would offer us a future because we speak French and have family
here, but the French don’t want us (Nor do the English so keep out)

People are offering us passages to England as they say the English
are very soft and will let us all in and give us money and homes all for free.

Mohamed Ukrer was speaking from a camp near Jemmapes quay,
in Paris’s where charity workers were dishing out soup to over 400 migrants.

 Another camp, at
Porte de Villette, has Tunisian flags at the entrance, but some 300 residents
complain daily about the lack of food and threats from the police. Other
migrants are seen wandering around Paris, with police estimating that up to 50
a day are arriving to swell the numbers and crime is up over 40% street
muggings, rape and other crimes were immigrant’s get their cash .

“They don’t want us here at all,” said a 22-year-old
Tunisian who also gave his name as Mohammed. “Shops and fast food restaurants
ask us for papers, but we don’t have any.

“The police threaten to arrest us and there is no financial
support available.” France prevented trains carrying immigrants arriving from
Italy last week, claiming they were a risk to public order as the French people
have has enough .

Yesterday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi signed a joint letter to the European Union to
demand that the Schengen treaty take into account “exceptional” situations like
the flood of immigrants.

The letter asks that the EU strengthen its border control
agency Frontex, step up assistance to North African countries and allow member
states to reimpose frontier controls.

Mr Sarkozy said: “We want Schengen to survive but, to
survive, Schengen must be reformed.”

However, it is feared that the end result will be more
migrants heading towards England. Ukip MEP Gerard Batten said: “This is a clear
case of an EU ideal colliding with reality and once again coming off worse, in
this case the European borderless state.

“The Italians want to ship the Tunisians to France and
France will inevitably pass them on to us here in England.”

The British Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “There
are strict British immigration controls in place in Paris and additional
security checks on transport leaving France for the UK, which have significantly
cut the numbers arriving in Britain hidden in Lorries.

“We are maintaining this strong regime. Britain has offered
Italy practical assistance to help maintain border controls and asylum
processes. Those seeking international protection are expected to claim asylum
in the first safe country they enter.”

Sir Michael said another load of rubbish and spin from the British
so called Immigration minister, what they all seemed to have forgotten? is England
is part of a small island and you can only fit so many people in, we have our
own people to look after and their needs to the space on our island must come

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