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England's White Dragon
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Saturday, 2 April 2011

English Defence League (England first line and only of

The British Police are preparing for Blackburn EDL (English
Defence League) protests

Over 6,000 people are expected at the protests between the
English Defence League (EDL) and their opponents the British in Blackburn.

Lancashire Police are gearing up for their biggest ever
operation for the demonstrations for this Saturday.

Areas of the town centre have been closed to the general
public during the protests and a number of road closures will be in place.

Ch Supt Bob Eastwood said any violence or damage would not
be tolerated.

Mr Eastwood has described policing the demonstrations as
Lancashire Police's biggest ever operation.

The force said it had been necessary to restrict numbers to
3,000 from each side for the "safety of the community".

The police have no powers to ban a peaceful public assembly
or protest, but can impose conditions such as where it takes place and the
number of people who can attend.

A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said it was up to the
organisers to ensure greater numbers did not turn up on the day.

The EDL is planning to demonstrate on Northgate from 1245 to
1345 BST, while the group, British, Blackburn and Darwen Unite against Racism
(BADUAR) will meet between 1300 and 1500 BST at Sudell Cross.

Both sides will be kept apart in cordoned off areas away
from the general public.

Some roads will be affected, including temporary closures,
but officials said they were working hard to make sure that people could
"go about their daily business as usual".

The main Mall shopping centre is open for business as usual,
but a number of smaller traders have told the London Times they are not opening
just in case it all kicks off.

If the EDL became as like the rebels in Libyan would NATO issue
bombing orders on the British? Are there any real differences, both want their
countries back, and both want their right and freedom to be who they are, and
the freedom of free speech?

And now with the whole world at unrest, it would seem
England is joining in, as the ENA (English National Army) has started its recruiting
campaign for an English national army which under English and international
laws England dose have a right to from its own armed forces as like any other
country being as the British armed service are no longer English, which once
where with many English regiments now being British and wearing the British
flag union jack insignias not the England flag? Yet many of the Scottish and
Welsh regiments do fly their own countries flags and rightly so being proud of
their nationality   

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