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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

OAP’s hammered and Knife to death in Wolverhampton

POLICE say don’t take the law into your own hands? The
London Times says if the police can’t protect innocent people, when the people
have the RIGHT to law and protection, if the police can’t do the jobs their
paid to do, or this British government won’t give the police funds and powers,
then the English people do have Right and Just cause to take the laws into
their own hand for self-protection and keeping their homes, town, road, streets
safe form crimes.

An elderly couple found murdered at their home in
Wolverhampton were subjected to a horrific "sustained and ferocious"
knife and hammer attack, said police.

West Midlands Police said their house had been ransacked and
property, including two flat-screen televisions, stolen. Their car had also
been taken.

Guiseppe Massaro, 80, and his wife Caterina, 77, were found
dead in Woden Road, Park Village, on Friday.

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of their murders.

Two Wolverhampton men, aged 32 and 21, and a 30-year-old
from Birmingham were arrested.

Police have been granted extra time, until 1500 BST on
Wednesday, to question two of the men, a spokesman said. The third man is also
still being held and detectives have until the evening to talk to him.

The couple's car, a black Peugeot 307, was found in Tithe
Croft, Wednesfield, and half a mile away from their house. Police are keen to
find out where the car was on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Supt Keith Wilson said officers believed a knife and a
hammer found at the scene had been used in a horrific and "sustained ferocious

He also said Mr Massacre 88 had "defensive wounds"
to parts of his body.

Officers were called to the house at around 2000 BST and
found the bodies of the couple, wearing day clothes, in the bedroom. There was
also evidence of a burglary, he said.

Granddaughter Lindsey Booth: "We cannot even begin to
grasp the evil that took place"

Mr and Mrs Massaro, who had two children and a number of
grandchildren, moved to England in 1960.

Their grandchildren said they were "beautiful and
caring" people.

"We cannot even begin to grasp the evil that took place
in their home and how frightened they would have been.

"An entire generation was taken away from us that day
and we cannot comprehend how something could go this far."

Grandson Richard Booth, 26, said the home which had brought
so much warmth and comfort to the family had suddenly been "destroyed".

"They had hearts of gold and they were harmless to
anyone," he said. "They looked out for others. They were great

His sister, Lindsey Booth, 23, appealed for anyone with
information, no matter how insignificant they might think it to be, to come

In a statement released earlier, the family said:
"Words cannot describe the devastation that has struck our family.

"Their lives will be sadly missed and this has severely
affected our family and a lot of our friends."

Police said they believed people in Wolverhampton could hold
the answer to helping them find out what had happened.

Anyone who has been offered a new 36" LG television, or
who uses Woden Road as a cut through and may have seen something unusual is
urged to contact them.

Other news, In Sussex a new English police force is in the processes
of being formed which will not come under the control of the British government
or the home office, it will be privately funded not tax payers cash, and run
under a people’s police council.

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