England's White Dragon

England's White Dragon
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Friday, 1 April 2011

English fools? Sums-up most of the English people?

It’s about time England and its people woke up to the fact
that they are English and not “British”, are the Scottish British no, are the
Welsh British no, are the English British no, your English, and the Scots are Scottish
and the Welsh are Welsh.

Today the only English party that stands up for England and
its people’s rights is the English Democrats who launch local election campaign
in London England today.

The English Democrats have staged a protest against
prescription charges, as they launched their campaign for the English local

The party says the English "must be fools" to pay
for prescriptions when Wales, Northern Ireland and now Scotland get them free
of charge.

The English Democrats - who are fielding about 250
candidates on 5 May - campaign for English devolution.

England is now the only part of the UK to charge for

Party chairman Robin Tilbrook said this was
"unfair" to people in England and illustrated his party's point about
the need for self-governance.

He said: "We've got a situation where, in effect, as
taxpayers we are paying to provide free prescriptions in Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland but in England we are required to pay again for our

English Democrat members dressed in "April Fool"
costumes staged a small demonstration outside the Department of Health in

Waving banners which read: "Still paying for your
prescription - you must be an English fool," they handed out leaflets to
passers-by, chanted slogans and sang "Jerusalem".

The party, which has been in existence for eight years and
has a handful of local councillors in England, achieved a breakthrough in 2009
when one of their members, Peter Davies, was elected mayor of Doncaster.

Mr Tilbrook said that as it became increasingly obvious that
devolution of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was "a process not a
destination" his party's moment would come.

"We hope that this year will be the year we start to
get more people elected," he told BBC News.

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