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England's White Dragon
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Monday, 18 April 2011

Nick Clegg takes another whipping with his AV

Shadow being the word, Nick Clegg could be felt at today's
battle of the political odd couples.

Cameron has a go at side kick Clegg with the AV, The British
prime minister claimed, AV would make coalitions more likely and that would
mean politicians would make manifesto pledges they knew they couldn't deliver.
Who and what could he have been thinking of? His friend Nick and that tuition
fee rise perchance? ( Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first minister
said; British Politicians always make pledges they don’t keep just to get
voters to vote them in, the English who have become British deserve what they
sow they reap and this is why England is in the mess it is?)

David's new friend John Reid - the basis of a new Blairite
alliance perhaps - suggested that any change in the voting system should be in
the public interest and not the "narrow self-interest" of
"losing parties" which hope "to turn losers into winners"
as if by magic. Who could Dr Reid have had in mind? He didn't say. He didn't
need to.

Over at the Yes event the name Clegg could not be avoided so
easily. Ed Miliband insisted that this was not and should not be a referendum
on Nick Clegg - the man he refuses to share a platform with. Vince Cable -
Clegg's AV understudy today - insisted that his leader was not a liability in
this campaign.

The No campaign begs to differ - and plan to milk this
liability for all it's worth. So damaging, they believe, is the spectre of
Clegg to the Yes campaign that they don't even need to name him in order to
ensure that the man who wasn't there today is the man very much there in voters’
minds when - if - they vote in the referendum.

Whatever the outcome it make know real difference to the
English, as no British MP has ever put the country the feeds them “England”
first, but have always put their own self greed and interests first?

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