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England's White Dragon
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Thursday, 30 December 2010

NOKIA loss MS7 iPhone

The New Noki England Windows7 iPhone is out 2011

Nokia opens the door for new English company Noki iPhones
England with its new partnership with Windows 7 iPhones Nokia lost out on a multimillion
pound deal because of its comment about the Windows iPhones?
Nokia; The Idea of Nokia using Windows Phone 7 is ‘stark
raving loony’ according to Nokia employee In a post on his personal blog on
Wednesday 29.12.10.
Nokia employee Watts Martin discounts rumours from earlier
this month that Nokia might be considering Windows Phone 7 as a future platform
for its smartphones. 
Rumours that Nokia might be looking at the platform began
when former Microsoft executive Stephen Elop was appointed CEO of the company.
They came to a head last week, however, when industry insider Eldar Murtazin
wrote that the company might build “an entire line of Windows Phone devices
that may go under the name Nokia.”
Martin, a LAMP and Django Web developer at Nokia, stated
that the idea of Nokia considering Windows Phone 7 as a possible platform for
its devices is “stark raving loony.” Martin states that while Symbian and MeeGo
are both open source, Nokia demands complete control over its operating systems
and there would be no way to achieve that using Microsoft’s mobile platform.
Martin does not indicate in his blog post that he speaks for Nokia in any
official capacity but it’s believed his widely known comment had reached the
ears of MS CEO.

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