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England's White Dragon
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The London Times Newspaper

 The London Times Newspaper

If you're English than your not British? and if you're British you are not England?

Wikileaks sells story, Book out in 20111

Which now seems are the feelings of many English Nationals? (English not British)

Many of England’s people feel for far to log now that they been mistreated and treated as second class citizens in the own country, their country of birth ENGLAND
It’s not about races or religions now it’s about if your where born in England that makes you English and not British.

Many see the British MP’s as the jockeys pulling on the reins of power not only between themselves but pulling England apart in their greed’s not only for power but cash, the three main British parties (Conservatives, New labour and the Lib-Dems) that can’t even sort out their own differences between themselves at a consent bickering with each other how on earth can these parties ever sort out anything when they can’t even sort out their own differences?, many English voters are now turning for the light of new hope in parties like the English National party and the English Democrats with hope that these parties will take the reins of England and steer her on a new true course.

Other news

Publisher confirms WikiLeaks Julian Assange book deal

The Publisher Alfred A. Knopf Inc. has now confirmed striking a book deal with Julian Assange that the WikiLeaks founder says could be worth more than $1 million.

New York publishing house says that "a principle agreement is in place" and that Assange is due to hand in a manuscript sometime in 2011. The book's publication date is yet to be determined.

Mr Assange told The London Times newspaper that he was forced into writing the book by financial pressures largely linked to his legal fight to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces sex crimes allegations.

Assange told the paper he would receive $800,000 from Knopf, with another 325,000 pounds ($500,000) from U.K. publisher Canongate.

Publisher Knopf spokesman Paul Bogaards declined to comment to the London Times reporter Mike Black-Feather when asked the specific figures Mr Assange would be receiving.

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