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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nick Clegg the Dreamer

Nick Clegg The London Times newspaper (England)

Dear Friend,

Well what a year! A white-knuckle election; a new coalition government; Liberals in power for the first time in 70 years.

I've recorded a short message reflecting on the events of 2010 and looking forward to what Liberal Democrats will deliver in Government in 2011. Click on the image below to watch it.

Some people will continue to predict the worst for our Party - the same people who have been underestimating the Liberal Democrats for as long as we have existed.

But we prove them wrong at every single turn. The next twelve months will be no different, because we will continue to build the liberal, fairer, greener Britain that we all believe in.

Happy New Year!

Nick Clegg
Liberal Democrat leader

The London Times response

Dear Nick,

The people whom you speak of, those that predict the worst for your party no that a leopard does not change its spots? They also know that you’re party would not be in power now if it wasn’t in the coalition, they also know that if the election had to have been re-run the chances are the conservatives would have won and not needed your party for a bump up, the true facts are that the British voters not English voters where so confused about what to do not having minds of their own they tick any box apart from Labour, So sure of the fact that given another election the Lib-Dems wouldn’t get back into any sort of real power we are willing the place a £100,000,000 one million pound bet on backing this statement.

The London Times (London England)

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