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England's White Dragon
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Sunday, 11 September 2011

William Hague supports English first Minister

William Hague supports English first minister Sir Michael Black-Feather’s views and urges rethink of UK's ties to EU

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the U.K. may benefit from loosening its ties with the European Union.

Hague says what Sir Michael had said over a year ago, that England "would get ahead" by standing apart from the EU on more issues than the euro and that he "would like to see powers returned from the EU" to the U.K. European financial officials have started debating the merits of integrated fiscal policy to reinforce confidence in the euro as member states struggle with large debts and economic failure’s.

Hague is quoted in both the British, The Times newspaper, and English London Times newspaper calling the creation of the euro-zone without closer tax and spending rules "a giant mistake" that "would stand as a monument in time to how group-think can go so seriously away from what is realistic." Sir Michael was quoted saying Hague doesn’t say the full masseurs really needed, England should pull out of the EU full stop, its no benefit to England, like a business if there is no benefit in making something you wouldn’t make it would you, I think William would like to say a lot more but does have the ***’s to actually come out and say it, feeling that his higher peers won’t like it?

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