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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

England will see more unrest

The British formula for the break-up of England and the cause of unrest and riots

Where do your English taxes go “Not on the English who pay then said; Sir Michael Black-Feather the English first Minister

He went on to say, British public spending “but called England when it suits the British?

The latest British treasury figures show that state spending in Scotland averaged over £10,212 per head last year which is more than £1,624 than in England, where public spending is only £8,588 per head and it’s the English who foot the bills for the Scots.

First, it's important to note that Scotland isn't the only part of the British UK that receives a public spending premium Wales and Northern Ireland dose as well, the national average for the English was £8,845 per head but Northern Ireland spent £10,706 and Wales spent £9,829. There are also discrepancies within all over England itself. State spending averaged £9,503 per capita in the North East and £9,349 in the North West but just £7,691 in the East. The West Midlands received £8,618 per capita but the South East received £7,533.

Sir Michael said; When the Barnett formula was plotted back in 1978, it was meant to share annual Government spending equitably between the countries of the so called United Kingdom according to their populations.

In the intervening decades, it has become nothing less than a grossly unfair tax on the English to subsidise lavish public services in Scotland.

This is because the formula has not changed, though the population of England has risen sharply over the 33 years, while that of Scotland has remained fairly static.

The result is that the Scottish subsidy has grown to such an extent that even Lord Barnett, the former Labour cabinet minister who plotted this formula, thinks it is unjust and should be scrapped.

The new figures which are reveal today show that public spending is now £1,624 per person higher in Scotland than in England, up over 15 per cent in just one year.

This compares to the average English family being forced to pay more than £400 a year to fund the Scottish, and that this figure is surely to go on rising at the English expense.

The large scale of the hand-outs allows the Scots to enjoy benefits the English can only dream of one being free prescriptions, free residential elderly care, free university tuition, primary school meals, free hospital parking, and most recently cancer drugs which is all paid for by the English

This injustice is so palpable, it must rectified it presents a very real danger to more civil unrest in England and to the British union and its time the English woke up and say enough is enough and call for an English government

In recent opinion polls they show less than a third of Scots are in favour of independence. But in England, a clear majority believe it is time for them to go it alone and England stand free for the English.

If the Barnett plot is not reformed, the resentment south of the border will only grow and it will soon be the English, not the Scots who demand the break-up of the British United Kingdom or we might even see civil war in England.

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