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Saturday, 20 August 2011




Oasis singer Liam Gallagher suing his brother Noel

One of music's has-been family feuds is headed for the courts.

Oasis singer Liam Gallagher said Friday he is suing his estranged brother and former band-mate, Noel, for saying his hangover forced the rumbustious between the old has-been rockers to cancel a concert. Bad blood between the brothers made some headlines when Oasis short burst into fame back in 1994 with debut album "Definitely Maybe which wasn’t that good but with a load of spin made it into charts and of course you’ll always get those that will buy any old rubbish."

When Noel left the band in 2009 he said it was because he couldn't work "a day longer" with his brother. Liam is disputing comments Noel made last month alleging that Liam pulled out of the 2009 V Festival due to a hangover.

Liam said in a statement he wants an apology and for Oasis fans "to know the truth" about what happened — laryngitis prevented him from performing the gig. He also took issue with his brother's claim that "the demise of Oasis followed a massive row in which he claimed I demanded to advertise my clothing range Pretty Green in the Oasis tour program." (Feed my Greed)

"The truth is there was no such discussion or row between us. There are many reasons why Oasis split. But it had nothing to do with my clothing range." ("This is not about money,") (Yer right pull the other one, it’s always about the money and greed of it) he added. "All I want is a full apology from Noel."

Liam Gallagher's spokesman confirmed the singer had issued a writ at the High Court in London against his brother. Representatives of Noel Gallagher declined to comment.

The London Times says; That the High Court writ is just a load of spin trying to get his name back in the media being an old has-been he now needs something to get his name in the press, who cares about the writ? No one that's who?

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