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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kate and Will’s wedding blessed in the house of God run by Satan.

The devil's partner

The unlucky couple

The Anglican Church is not the true Church of England, but the church of the devil.

The true Church of England is the Anglo-Saxon Free Reformed Church of England (which dates back to the early 5th century AD, with the creation in the English nation).

The Anglican Church is now a British church, a corrupted Church full of blasphemy and sin, which allows homosexuals to be bishops and priests; being a homosexual offends God which is very clearly written in all holy books.

A church which in its very beginnings was made corrupted by a corrupted and perverted King, Henry the VIII who ended the authority of the Pope and Saxon Church of England and placed himself as head of the Church of England, and had put to death all Anglo Saxon priests and bishops. Some escaped to other countries and came back after Henry’s death.  Henry VIII was to have his own perverted ways and church, but on his death bed he died as an English Saxon King knowing what he had done was wrong and asked God’s forgiveness, but he was not forgiven by God because his sins against God where just too high.

Henry VIII wasn’t ordained as a priest by God, and so he couldn’t be the head of the church that wasn’t blessed by God, which makes today’s Anglican churches all unblessed.

God too can be deaf and blind and is not always all forgiving in sin?

This revolting perverted Church of Devil, by even calling itself a House of God is offensive to God. It has issued its own set of "legal guidelines" that paves the way for openly perverted homosexual priests and most likely some paedophiles will slip in within its clergy?

These disgusting beings of Satan in the British Church can now become priests/bishops so long as they are and promise to remain “celibate” (Man Shall Not Lay with Man, Women Shall Not Lay with Women). (It is very clearly written).

Anyone that goes to such a church is also blasphemous and offends God by worshiping him in a church full of sinful ways and will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. 

Details of the internal report, entitled "Choosing Bishops," were carried out by Christian Today, an independent London-based publication, on its website on Monday.

The new guidelines aim to bring church policy in line with “British” not “English” Equality Act, passed in 2010, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Under English laws it is still illegal for men to have sex with another men and women to have sex with another woman. There is nothing nice about being a pervert just because you give it a nice new name of being “gay” and plaster it all over the place as being nice and normal, like we now see in the many of soaps on TV and TV shows, media, etc. It’s wrong and not natural.

The guidance says "openly gay clergy can become bishops so long as they are celibate", according to the Christian Today report. The Equality Act would not allow gay clergy to be prohibited solely because they are gay.

"A person's sexual orientation is, in itself, irrelevant to their suitability for episcopal office," the guidelines said, and "it would be wrong if account were taken of the fact that a candidate had identified himself as of gay sexual orientation."

The document continues that while the earlier guidelines make it clear that someone “in a sexually active relationship outside marriage is not eligible" to become bishop, that does not necessarily apply to a celibate relationship.

The church makes a strong distinction between "sexually active" and "celibate." As one observer put it, the new guidelines demand that gay clergy are being asked to "make a promise that they are and will remain celibate."

The British legal advice in "Choosing Bishops" is expected to go before the church's General Synod when it convenes in York, England, in July.

The head of England’s Anglo Saxon free-reformed Church of England,  Archbishop Sir Michael Black-Feather, who is also the first minister to England said; he was horrified at any churches decision to allow homosexuals into the priesthood, as it’s just not right, and offends the very words of God, and any such church that had priests or bishops within its clergy. It is the house of Satan, not the house of God, and all those that follow/worship in these sinful churches will not be entering into the Kingdom of Heaven as they have clearly all shown their support of sin and have offended God.

Archbishop Sir Michael, will not be attending the meeting of church's General Synod when it convenes in York, England, in July. He said that he doesn’t get invited to these meetings because his church will not reform to man-made rules nor government rules, when it really wants to be changing the words of God to suit its own perverted ways. He also said that no known homosexual would be allowed in his church, and are illegible to come into the priesthood within any true Anglo Saxon free-reformed Churches of England.

So the answer to our quest was: in His church, homosexuals are banned from being priests. And any homosexual that enters the church will be cursed by God.

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