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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

England betrayed by its own”

The London Times fully supports the statement by the English Democrats Chairmen Mr Robin Tilbrook, The English people that took part in this betraying their countrymen, should feel ashamed! But we guess they have become typically British like so many other English people of these days, back stabbing flag wavers?    

Press Release

For immediate release – Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The English Democrats condemn GB Football team plan

British Olympic Association and F.A. plan tramples on English interests

English Democrats’ Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, has joined Plaid Cymru’s, Bethan Jenkins, in slamming the British Olympic Association’s (BOA) decision to announce that a GB football team will take part in the London Olympics in 2012.

Mr Tilbrook offered his full support to the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh FAs who have all condemned the announcement and confirmed that they had not agreed the plan nor taken part in any recent discussions which has been claimed by the BOA. He also criticized the English FA’s betrayal in supporting this plan.

The English Democrats' Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said:

“These plans pose a very serious threat to the future of football in England and the English International football team.  For that reason it is extremely worrying that the BOA has made this statement and sought to further their damaging agenda.”

“It is particularly upsetting to see that the (English) Football Association (F.A.) and its puppet organization, the “official England Football Supporters Club” have betrayed the interests both of the English sporting nation and also of England’s football supporters.  What more could we expect from the pretentions of an England only FA that cannot even bring itself to mention either England or English in its title?”

“We know that some influential forces within world football are more than keen to further a case to scrap the individual identities of the nations of the UK.  The plans that the BOA has today laid out would be a gift for those forces and a hammer-blow for those who wish to maintain England’s independence as a footballing nation.”


Robin Tilbrook,



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