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Monday, 27 June 2011

Cameron hasn't a clue

Halfwit British Prime Minister David Cameron insists military backs Libya mission

Military chiefs from NATO nations involved in Libya held talks to thrash out a strategy to hasten Moammar Gadhafi's exit from power, and British prime minister said his country will see the operation through to its conclusion.

Which country Cameron was actually talking about no one knows! As the British don’t actually have a country? Or did he mean that he would drag England into his next war? With yet another further cost in billions of £pounds down to the poor English tax payers.

If Cameron and his British government spent as much money putting things right in England whose cash he’s spending on all the conflicts the British government have got the English into, England would be debt free?

The English people are totally fed up with world conflicts this and other British government have put England in, know one in England wants conflicts or war unless just cause is given, and if you asked any English person, do you want to be at war, the answer would be No?

Gen. David Richards, the head of British armed forces, said he and counterparts from 15 countries met in London to discuss future tactics amid growing scepticism over the military campaign from the public and MP’s.

"The meeting examined how the operation can best be brought to a speedy and successful conclusion," Richards said in a statement.

This was an operation that was meant to be over in a matter of weeks so we were all told, nearly six months later nothing has change?

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